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Selling-Songs-Logo3There are songwriters that come from everywhere. A great song knows no social or economic boundaries. A great song can transcend those boundaries. We all have a great song inside of us waiting to get out but that is just the beginning. What do you do once your song is written? Sell it of course! But, to whom and how does one sell a song? Selling Songs wants to help! We are a group of musicians, writers, publishers and promoters with over 25 years in the Music Industry working with songwriters from every genre.

While there are no guarantees in the music business world Selling Songs hopes to give you as much information as possible to help you navigate through the twists and turns you might find along the way. And we will do it all for free! From writing and arranging the song to publishing let Selling Songs be your beacon of information in a sea of unknowns.

Getting around Selling Songs

This site has four major categories. Under these categories there are many subcategories dealing with the finer points.

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And for a bit of fun, we will have small challenges that are designed to keep your creative self alive and well. Keep an eye on the Facebook page and Twitter feed for more on the Songwriting Challenges.

Songwriting Mechanics

Study up on Song Forms and Song Structures. Get inspired to write that next song or learn ways to keep your creative juices flowing. We will break down the best-selling songs of all time to see what makes them great and how lessons learned from them can be applied to your own songs. Visit Songwriting Mechanics.

The Business of Music Publishing

Be sure to check out the listings of Music Publishers by State. You might just find one in your own backyard! What are the legal aspects of songwriting and how can you protect yourself from the sharks that swim in the pools of the music business? Does putting a copyright on a song cost a lot of money? We will show you how to do it for free! Visit The Business of Music Publishing.

Promote Your Songs and Yourself

There are a million and one songwriters in this big old goofy world. How do you stand out in that crowd? These days you simply must have a website. Accessibility is a necessity to promote yourself and your songs. DId you know that is the second largest search engine behind If you aren’t on you are missing some of the ears that could be listening to you. Visit Promote Yourself.

Tools of the Trade

Here you will find the top songwriting tools, tests, tips and reviews that songwriters need to get the job done along with essential musical gear and hardware. Introductions and how to tips for  websites that will help the veteran and beginner write, distribute and keep track of the songs they write. We will help you weed out the junk and zero in on the tools that are the right fit for you. Visit Tools of the Trade.