Selling Your Songs

selling your songsGreat song! Now what? Selling your songs seems like an easy thing to do. Just get your song in front of the right person and bam! you are rolling in the royalties.

Oh, if only it were as easy as that. In this section of the site we will explore what it takes to succeed as a professional songwriter.

Selling your songs is a misnomer. You don’t actually sell your songs. You market yourself and your songs to music publishers and to record executives, who in turn pitch to artists and companies that produce music for TV, movies and games. If your song makes it into the hands of one of those entities, and they record it or produce it, then, and only then does the professional songwriter get paid. Usually in the form of quarterly royalty checks. But we are still going to refer to this process as selling your songs. Just saying.

Legitimate publishers do not buy songs and they are not interested in your naked lyrics. If you are a lyric writer you need a musician/composer to work with to set those lyrics to music. This business is full of scumbags that will whisper in your ear about all the easy money you can make. Your desire will make these scumbags tempting but remember, there is a right way and a wrong way and the right way is never easy!

We will also look at some of the best-selling songs of all time in different genres. Dissecting a song is a good way to look at it from the perspective of a songwriter. Much in the way art students repaint the works of the masters we can look at the different pieces that make up the best-selling songs in history. Selling your songs isn’t rocket science but it isn’t easy either.

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